REWIND - Straight Jacket Escape

Wade Live Presents "Rewind" The Award Winning Comedy Straight Jacket Escape!

See what others are saying about REWIND!

"I bought “REWIND” AKA Houdini’s Straight Jacket escape over 4 years ago. Was it worth it? In 2008 I won comedy magician, and stage magician of the year at the Magicians Alliance of Eastern States in Carlisle PA. In 2009 I secured a cruise ship job because of my nontraditional performance style. “REWIND “ being my closing act... As a performer who works for 1,500 plus spectators a day, I am thankful for this routine. It’s awesome!
Jason Allen -

"It's rare to see a straitjacket escape that's actually entertaining. 'Rewind' is hands-down the funniest straitjacket escape I've ever seen. My audiences agree, and yours will, too. I've been using this for nearly 7 years, in every type of event and venue imaginable (from house parties to gorgeous auditoriums), and it has NEVER failed to get huge laughs and applause. Actually, now that I think about it... I don't want anybody else doing this. I want it all to myself. Damn. I should have lied and said this routine sucks. Is it too late to lie? Wade? Hey, Wade. Can I change what I said?”
Nathan Allen - The Maniac of Magic -

"REWIND" is hands down the funniest straight jacket routine I have EVER seen! It should cost 10 times the asking price! If your'e looking for a straight jacket routine that is guaranteed to bring the house down then "REWIND" The Comedy Straight Jacket routine is for you! It's plug and play baby! Start performing "REWIND" before everyone is doing it!"
Joel Meyers - Comedy Magician

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