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Hiring a corporate entertainer for your event can be an overwhelming task. The question is: Who do you hire? Let’s make it clear from the start. If you hire the RIGHT  entertainer for your corporate event, everyone will say you’re a genius. However, if you hire the WRONG entertainer, the event will be a total flop!  

So the decision to HIRE the right corporate entertainer for your special event, no matter what it is, is truly an important decision.

End your search for event entertainers today!  All your event entertainment worries are now over when you choose Wade Live, Not Your Typical Magician! Corporate entertainer and Comedy Magician, Wade Live, is your #1 choice for proven corporate entertainment in the United States!

“All the Famous Footwear Executives from around the country were over whelmed and impressed with your comedy magic show! Not only did you make me look fantastic, you put the “cherry on top” with your performance after a week of long meetings! Your traveling corporate show was a tremendous success! I highly suggest anyone in charge of planning their corporate entertainment for their company call and find out what Wade Live is all about!”
- Rob Frisina,  Famous Footwear

“Preventive Medicine Associates would like to thank, Wade Live, for the tremendous job he did for us! The entertainment he provided for our holiday party was out of this world and the way he presented it was amazing! We didn’t realize you were going to completely be non-stop funny! Personally, I didn’t know how Wade Live was going to go over with some of our more reserved management and executives… well it 100% worked out! Great show, we will have you back!”
-Debbie Braun,  Preventive Medicine Associates Syracuse

“Best Buy hired Wade to help kick off our new stores employee orientation training. He brought a lot of excitement, energy and entertainment to our meeting and helped to make our training a success. As a result of his work we also hired him back for Black Friday to help entertain our customers while in the store. Wade brings a great experience with him where ever he goes and a lot of passion with his work.We at Best Buy are happy to have him provide entertainment for us and our customers and would recommend him for any corporate function or event!”
- Chad Granoski and Randy Smith Best Buy Store #1183

Whether you need entertainment for a corporate meeting, a holiday dinner show or general entertainment, Wade Live is your # 1 choice for hilarious corporate comedy entertainment!
Exciting & Unique are two words used in describing the Comedy magic of Wade Live! His magic and Comedy show provides a real show atmosphere tailored to venue and audience size!

The show features 45 to 60 minutes worth of hilarious Comedy, mind blowing magic, tons of auience participation, musical intro and a musical finale! The show setup also contains a professional custom sized stage area, sound system, wireless microphones and professional aesthetics.

This magic and Comedy show has it all covered!

Dates and availablity are disapearing fast!  Please visit the CONTACT page to submit a booking form to see if your date is available


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